PlexMap consists of loosely coupled components. This file gives a rough overview of the components that might be interesting to the user. See Components in the developer manual for a more detailed account for developers. See Konfiguration for details on how to activate and configure a component.

Base components


The core component will implicitely be included. It provides the basic PlexMap concepts of Depots, Layers and Views as described in Datenmodel.


The map component provides a 2D map for the data (currently OpenLayers 3).


The globe component provides a 3D map for the data (currently OpenWebGlobe) and the ability to work with 3D data in the backend.

For a PlexMap installation to make any sense, it needs at least one of map or globe.

Other components


The addresses component provides database structures for address storing, as well as a widget for address search.

With the following command you can fill the addresses database from an exisiting depot:

python loadaddressesfromdepot *depot* \
        xal:LocalityName xal:ThoroughfareName xal:ThoroughfareNumber


Provides the point-of-interest (POI) backend structures and and frontend widgets. See user_guide_poi for a guide on how to work with POI.

In case you want to change the sidebar title of the POI widget, you can set the title setting in the poi section. The settings widget.initially_collapsed and widget.folder_initially_collapsed determine wether the sidebar widget should be closed at start and wether each folder should be closed at start, respectively:

    title: POI
        initially_collapsed: true
        folder_initially_collapsed: true


The session component is a powerful extension to both map and globe. It allows the dynamic adding of content of various kinds (3D geometries, WMS, …) as well as the creation of temporary view and layer configuration.


The layers component provides a hierarchical layers widget. This is currently required by both map and globe to show any layers at all.


This component provides a multiuser server and enables the ability of a client to see other clients. Currently implemented in globe only.

UI components


Provides a simple attribution text at the bottom of the browser window. To enable the attribution, add attribution to plexgis.components and set the config setting attribution.text to the desired text. You can change wether the attribution appears on the left or on the right by setting attribution.align to either left or right.


    text: "Licensed under Creative Common BY-NC 3.0"
    align: left


The welcome dialog. Contents can be customized (see user_guide_buenosdias). The welcome dialog will not appear for users that are logged in.


This component allows the user to draw a polygon. This polygon can then be used to call a parametrized URL of an export service.


Adds links to the bottom of the sidebar, like Terms of Service. Contents can be customized (see user_guide_buenosdias).


The coordinates component provides a coordinate widget in the toolbox. Thus, it requires the toolbox component. The widget allows the user to see the current coordinate, change the coordinate system and jump to a specific coordinate.

The list of coordinate system is provided by default but can be extended or changed with the coordinates.coordinate_systems configuration list. Each entry in this list must have the following attributes:

Setting Description
id A string in the following form: „EPSG:n“, e.g. „EPSG:25832“
title The title of this coordinate system
proj A proj4 string describing the projection for this CS


        - id: 'EPSG:25832'
          title: 'UTM Zone 32N'
          proj: '+proj=utm +zone=32 +ellps=GRS80 +units=m +no_defs'

Please see default.yaml for a list of the coordinate systems that ship with PlexMap.


Provides an small 2D overview map. Set overview.tms to the absolute or relative URL of the TMS server that should appear, and overview.zoom to the zoom level of the overview map. Here is an overview of all parameters:

Setting Description
tms URL to TMS server (absolute or relative)
zoom Minimum zoom level of the Overview Map
min_elevation The window is only showed when the elevation is below this
always_visible If this is true, the overview window is always visible
initially_collapsed If this is true, the widget will be closed at the start


Will add „insert, edit, delete“ functionality to the map component.


This component adds tooltips at various places (e.g. zoom buttons). You can change the default texts of various elements in the config file, like in the following example:

        search: "Use this search bar to search for stuff."


Will display the currently logged in user.